Sarah Liska

Since her early days in 2001, Sarah was originally reluctant to enter a career where the bragging rights amongst her peers were sales stats and production numbers. Refusing to make money her focus paid off (no pun intended)…it turns out that people want an advocate who’s only focus is their best interest!! With her Client-First mindset, Sarah has managed to land in the top 1% percentage of Realtors nationally for 17 years consistently. While she has lined her office with many disposable awards…none mean as much to her as Clients happiness. Her strength is her ability to see the big picture and know exactly what needs to be done. She makes it her business to know what loans and financial solutions best serve her Clients. She balances market statistics with market trending to arrive at the best pricing for her Sellers. If you want to win the home of your dreams in a multiple offer situation, she’s your secret weapon! In 2013, never failing to see her vision for what Real Estate should be, Sarah opened Freedom Realty as her foray into a higher level of service. Cultivating a fun, light, friendly office atmosphere with an extreme focus on Client service, ethics, and knowledge, she has broken barriers that she never thought possible. The support of her amazing office of Realtors drives her to continue to grow and make strides to bring her vision beyond any limitations. Sarah still works closely with Buyers & Sellers because that’s her true love. Her passion is solving life for her people…it’s just that simple. With her Husband, Joe, by her side, and her kids, Hunter, Toby, Jake, and Jenna looking on, she continues to grow Freedom Realty in more ways than one. She can’t wait for her grandson, Griffin, to destroy her desk at the office with little fingerprints and clever drawings!!! Call Sarah Today to discuss all your Real Estate needs!